Why Linux is best OS?

In this post i am going to share information Why Linux is best OS? So lets get started!

There is a confusion between which OS we should Choose for Computer Science? Either Windows or Linux. This post will prove Why Linux is best OS for Computer Science,So lets get started!

Why Linux is best OS for Computer Science?

1.Linux is Open Source OS

As You are computer science student,You are a Technical Person. You are fully interested in Back-end of the software. As,Linux is Open Source OS, It gives users to see how it is Operating.That is why it is Open Source OS.

It is far more useful than Windows Operating system.Also,There are many more benefits of Linux Operating System.

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2.Linux is More Secure

Yes, Linux is more Secure Than Windows Operating system.As we all know More Attacks are done on Windows Operating system rather than Linux Operating System.

This Operation system is most likely Very Secure than its Rival OS.As it is Open Source,It means it is Always updated because it has Community. That makes Linux more Secure to use, Also it is user Friendly operating system.

If you dont want to waste your Money on Premium Antivirus,You can use Linux Operating system.

3.Linux is Free

It is free of Cost all you need is to Get into Linux community and Install Linux Operating System for Free.You dont have to Pay anything For This Operation System it is Available Anywhere on Internet.

When it comes to Windows Operating system, You have to pay some amount of Money if you want to Download that OS.Also you have to Pay for Antivirus to avoid this problem, You can use Linux as Primary Operating System.

4.It is Programmer Friendly

In Linux Operating system,You can Use any Programming language.C/C++,Java,Python etc.You will have Easy and Better time In Linux Rather than in Windows OS.

Also,Linux Libraries are designed for Programming hence it is programming Friendly Operating System. Programming in Linux is a way better than in Windows.

5.Periodical Software Updates

As a computer Science student, you need Operating system that is Always Up-to-date.

Microsoft is Slow when it comes to Software updates. It takes time for Windows Operating system for New updates but in Another hand Linux is always Providing Software Updates.

There are Several Updates which are usually released for linux OS.

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