Funny Commands of Termux

Have you ever tried Termux For Fun. In this post i am going to share information about Funny Commands of Termux.So, lets get started.


It is a Type of Command That shows thoughts.

To Install this package, You have to type:

pkg install fortune

Fortune will show you thoughts like the Picture which is Shown below.


Next Package is known as Cowsay is Very Funny Command you will ever have to download this package type:

pkg install cowsay

Cowsay and Fortune Work Eventually with each other Which shows us a Cow With Thought for this you have to type

Fortune | Cowsay

It will show you the thing which is Below.

This is Amazing and Very funny Command of Termux you will ever have.

In this funny commands Of Termux list this one is very amazing.

4.Rev Command

This command is used to Reverse the Integer Value.If you type Value 12345 then,The integer Value will be reversed and it will show 54321.Like this:

You should Try it Yourself and Check if it is working or not.

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5.Factor of A Number

This Is useful to check the factor of a Number. But first you have to install coreutils package.

pkg install coreutils

After that you have to type Factor .

Then type Any Integer Value if you type 8 then your Answer will be 2 2 2.Like this


This package is your Favorite one It is known as Toilet.??

To install this Package type :

pkg install toilet

To make a Design with toilet type this command :

toilet -f mono12 -F metal Aakash (You can type anything you want) .

It will show you like this :

For Other Style type :

toilet -f term -F border –gay (your name) to style your Border and Design.

7.Check IP in Cowsay Style

Type this Command to check Your internet Protocol Address In Cowsay Style.

8.To see Moo

To see Moo command you have to download Package which is Moo type:

apt-get moo

This command is really Very Funny command i dont know what is this But It is Awesome!!

These are all funny commands you can also Try it on your Device.

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