What is Social Engineering?

What is Social Engineering? Is mentioned in this post.

Disclaimer:This post is only for educational and recreational purposes and not to be used for wrong purposes. This is just an information. How it is used it upto the users of it with their whole and sole responsibility on it. 

Everyone In this world let it be a Teacher, Student,Politician etc all are good social Engineers.A Person who can Manipulate others are Defined as Social Engineers.

In My(India) Country there is one thing famous which is known as Social Engineering.Yes,Politicians use it as a Toolkit to drive People towards them.

There are lot of Factors in which Social Engineering depends.Today You will get to know about it.So lets Get started.

What is Social Engineering?

This thing is Favourite of Hackers.More than 90% of Phishing attacks are done with the help of It.It is very helpful in Various life aspects.

A Person who can Manipulate or Who can Control Other people are Good Social Engineers.This is An Inbound Talent but you can learn it From many other sources.

You have to be Very Cleaver when you are Dealing with People Who are good Social Engineers.

The Term “Social Engineer” is referred to that person who can easily Convey Anything to Anyone using simple tactics of it.

Also,You can easily Manage anyone with the help of this Skill.

How does it work?

With the Help of Example i can help you to understand it in a Better way.

When I Started as A hacker, First i have learned about Bruteforce attack in this attack Hacker has to Guess the password of The Victim.

I have done more than 10 attacks on some of My friends.Using Social Engineering skills i have done this Attack On My friends. I was knowing about Them very well thats why i got to know about their Passwords.

But later In 2018, Bruteforce tools Which i used to work on Stopped Working and Then, I shifted to Phishing attack.

In this attack You have to send Links to the Victim,They will Click on Link Created by Using Phishing Tools for eg. Shellphish or any other tool and you will get their Password but it is not That much easy.

You have to use Social Engineering in this case. I have told my Friends that They will get money if they Click on that link and you will get their Id and Password Instantly.

You can use your tactics like tell them they will get Profit after Visiting that link.

Social Engineering in Day to Day Life.

When you convey Something to someone, Social Engineering will play a lead role.

Conveying Something To someone is also known as Social Engineering.Politicians are Good Social Engineers because of Their Speech they can Manipulate anyone easily.

Hackers are Good social Engineers as they have to work like that.They are very much into Marketing.It helps them Manipulate anyone because they have to deal with This.

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