Tor Browser for Android

This post is all about Tor Browser for Android

Disclaimer– This post is only for educational and Recreational Purpose.

THE Onion Router is used to stay Anonymous on Internet it is very useful for Ethical Hackers and Penetration testers or i can say anyone who wants to stay safe or Surf safe using Internet.

In Easy Words people who wanta to stay safe and surf safe needs TOR Browser for Surfing Internet.

What is TOR Browser?

This browser makes Chain of IP because of this reason your IP Address cannot be Found using this Browser.

People mostly use Android Smartphones because of this they need TOR Browser for Android because of this reason i am writing post about it.

1.Download ORBOT

Orbot is Used as Tor Browser with Proxy which is very Important to Download.Everthing that i am writing is important to download.

Go to Playstore and Type ORBOT.

2.Download ORFOX

It is Tor browser for Android which is very important to download as you know if you want to Browse you need Browser.

Hence,You have to download ORFOX from Google Playstore.

After Downloading these Two Applications all you have to do is:

1.Open Orbot

After Opening Orbot you have to do is There is a Start Option Press that start Option in the notification section you can see that Orbot has been started.

It will start making Chain of IP’s which will help you for safe surfing because your IP is Protected.

2.Open Orfox

Opening Orfox you can Browse anything you want to browse.This Browser has Duck Duck Go Search Engine.

You can Search whatever you want using this browser safely.

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