Top 10 Less Mb Games for android 2020

In this post i am going to share information about Top 10 less mb games for android 2020.

There is a need of Games in our life to make things Interesting.But,We are not playing those games which is build for our Entertainment purpose.

Following are the Games which we should have in our Device.


Fobia is a hard puzzle platform adventure game, where you will experience an adventure in a mysterious world full of dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles. Anything in the game can kill you. Everything is not as it seems.

People who love Hard puzzle and Adventerous game should Download Fobia


Open cover art app store A.L.B. The amount of Inc.Puzzle rating is 7+ 18 Add to Wishlist This app is compatible with all of your devices. Screenshot Image Are you the type to match anything unfolding in front of you? Or do you want to actively change the situation? Little Bird is a puzzle game about matching and changing.Solve puzzles and complete princess fairytale books through dialogues with main characters.This is one of the most fascinating and less mb games you would ever play.

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3.Project Drift

This game offers you competitive paths that enable you to experience the unique drift. Unlock new career opportunities and get new cars by completing quests. 4 carrier modes: Beginner, Hobbyist, Expert, Professional. Once your drifting skills are improved, new carrier modes will be unlocked.

Features: High quality graphics. – Realistic car designs. – Adjustable game cameras. Realistic car physics. – 45 songs. – carrier modes. – Easy controls. – Special drift mode. – minimal design.

4.Hero of Archery

The brave Dragon Slayer is looking for his prayer. The time he has to fight is not only hungry animals, but also giant mammoths, mysterious giants and even horrible Chimera. Obviously, he knows that only he can survive these dangerous animals and monsters to survive the hunting of dragon.

This game is very beautiful in terms of actions you must play this game when you feel bore.

5.Faraway Galatic Escape

The sixth sequel to an epic journey will evoke the sense of adventure, challenge your mind and solve skills. Take part in the grand finale of an epic tale that provides hours of fun. STORY FINAL Follow the brave Allison when she finally arrives at Faraway. Time pressure, brand new surroundings and the commitment to save her family will bring her to the limits of her strength, but also to the realization that higher interests are at hand.

6.Car Stunt Race

FREE FASHION Drive your sports car in the stunts and barriers of the free free mode! Will you climb the mega ramp? CHALLENGES We have designed the most challenging and fun races to ride for you. Jump over dangerous ramps and beat the challenges.

7.Tiny Room Stories

Explore the city, find clues, solve puzzles, unlock locks to advance your investigation. The game is a mixture of escape from the room and classic chores.

8.Stickman Fight Battle

Supreme Stick Warriors – Shadow of Legends is a physically based stickman fighting game. Fight against other stickmen to become a legend in stickman fight and get incredible rewards in stick fighting games. In this game, you must collect the highest duelist varieties of stick-fighting weapons to make you stronger and stand out from the rest and become the best stickman legends.

9.All Star Fruit Racing

Experience full-fledged 3D VR racing that must be seen to be believed! Tear through fruitful tracks in addictive, short-to-short challenges, to beat your times and maximize your score in every race! ‘All-Star Fruit Racing VR is some of the best I’ve had in a VR race.

10.Kick the Buddy 3D

You have good old friends here but in cool 3D replenishment! Play with friends in its exciting new game, and try new combinations of powerful weapons! Try, detonate, use atomic weapon, Buddy dress up, and do much more in the brand new Kick The Buddy 3D! Enjoy stunning 3D graphics, new levels with friends, hilarious weapons, bright backgrounds, and lots of new features.

This was all about Top 10 less mb games of 2020.

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