Best 5 Hacking Apps 2020

In this post i am going to share information about Best 5 Hacking Apps 2020.

Ethical Hacking is one of the most emerging job,Business in the year 2020.People love Hacking and Penetration testing.

There are lot of things which i cannot mention here why hacking is one of the most favourite thing to me as well as people who want to become Ethical Hacker.

In this post you will get to know about Best 5 Hacking Apps 2020.So lets get started.

Note: This post is only for Educational and Recretional Purpose.

Best 5 hacking Apps for 2020

1.Kali Nethunter

If you have Nexus or OnePlus you can use Kali Nethunter.

You can perform many types of attacks with the help of kali Nethunter.Many tools of Kali linux is available on Kali Nethunter.

We can Do as many Stuff we want with this application though it is only available for Nexus as well as Oneplus only.

This Project is first open source project by Community member of Kali linux and Offensive Security.

Click here To download kali Nethunter.


This Application is one of the Favourite application of Mine.You have to root your Android to use this application.

We can perform many types of Attacks such as MITM attack,Mac Address Spoofing,Scanning,Password Auditing and Many more.

How to use zAnti:

1.Download zAnti 2.2.(Official Link)

2.After Installing grant this Application Root access for SuperSu or any other Root accessing tool.

4.If you want to Join their Network Tap on Enable ortherwise you can Skip too.

5.Tap on Skip if you dont want to join their network and then Enable zAnti.

6.Tap on “Finish”.

Now,Lets talk about the Program Modules.

Mac Changer

This Tool will help you to Change your Wifi Media Access Control address (MAC address).

How to use Mac Changer

  1. Use the Navigation key on zAnti.
  2. Tap on Mac Changer.
  3. Top on “Set New Mac Address” Wait for some time and you will get your New Mac Address.

You can also use Custom Mac Address with the help of zAnti.

If you want to know about Everything in zAnti then Comment what all things you want to know about zAnti i will post everything related to it.


Download Csploit (Official Link).

It is a Professional toolkit used by Penetration Testers for self assessment.

Once started with cSploit, you will be able to easily map your network, live your fingerprint operating systems and running services, look for known vulnerabilities, detect logging procedures of many TCP protocols, perform one in the middle attacks like password sniffing (with general protections dissection), real-time traffic manipulation, etc.

You should have Busybox installed as well as A Rooted Device to use this application.


Download from (Official Link)

This Application is simple yet Effective.It is used to Gather Information about Vulnerable Sites.

User can Get Information about the Vulnerability of the site so that user can perform their activity on that site.

5.Network Mapper

If you have Heard of Nmap You can easily get what this application is all about.

You can do Network Mapping with this Application.

Lately,It was available for linux,Windows and Unix now,It is also available for Android too.

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