How to start Bug Bounty?

In this Post i am Going to share information about How to start bug Bounty?

But first let me Tell you about what is Bug Bounty.

A Bug Bounty program helps Hackers and Penetration testers to make money by finding bugs.

Note: This post is only for Educational and Recreational Purpose

How to start Bug Bounty?

1.Learn Computer Networking

Computer Networking is one of the most Important thing to Learn if you want to learn Bug Bounty.

There are Many things in Computer Networking to learn such as Topology,Hub and Many more.

Topology such as Ring Topology,Star Topology which are used for LAN(Local Area Network) and WAN(Wide Area Network) are types of topology in Computer Networking.

HUB are of Two Types in Networking:

  • Active Hub.
  • Passive Hub.

These are the Basic things in Networking if you want to learn you should always start from the beginning.

2.Get Familiarized with the Web

Getting Familiarized with the Web is one of the most Important thing A Penetration Tester should do to start Bug Bounty.

Know the Basics how Everything Works related to Web.One should start learning these things from Internet everything is available on Internet.

I will be giving links of some sites from where you all can learn Networking and Bug bounty.

3.Learning Web Application Security Measures and Hacking Techniques

Learning this will make you a Professional Penetration Tester.

Hacking techniques are one of the most important things you have to learn to get into Big Bounty Programme.

4.Practicing and Polishing Skills

Practicing is one of the most effective way to become expert at anything.Polishing your Skills related to Bug Bounty will not only help you to clear your basics but also it will make you Perfect at it.

One should have all kind of basic knowledge and Practicing will help you to become expert at Bug Bounty.

5.Testing Real Targets

After learning Computer Networking,Getting Familiarized with web You should test real Sites.

Real Targets such as Websites which provides bug bounty program will help you to become expert at it and make you professional at it.

Testing real Targets will help you to make A Lot of Money.Visit this link to know how much a Bug Bounty Hunter can Earn.

Useful Resources to start Bug Bounty

Download These books from below.

1.Web Application Hacker’s Handbook

2.Mastering Modern Web Application

These are the Two Books where you can learn Bug Bounty.

Visit Haxnology for more amazing stuff related to ethical hacking


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