The Benefits of studying IT in India

In this post i am going to share information about The Benefits of Studying IT in India.

IT is one of the best Profession Young Indians should rely on. In India There are tons of Options a Person can choose in India.

After Higher Secondary there are lots of Options available But, In this post i am only going to focus on information Technology.

How Does IT benefits Students?

As we all are in 21st Century beign modern is the only way we can live in this era.

From the year 2000,A lot of Tech Revolution take place.Big Businesses started IT Advancements. Reliance, Tata and all the Companies at that time started IT.

Every Year we hear about New Twchnology is Coming such as Artificial Intelligence,Data Science,Deep learning and many more. India is lacking behind in these things. Also, IT contains Digital Marketing and Ethical Hacking in Which India is lacking Behind.

As Stated by Trishneet Arora India’s Youngest Cybersecurity Expert that India should Produce 75000 hackers per year but They are not Producing Enough of it.

This concludes that India is Lacking behind in terms of IT.

The Benefits of Studying IT in India.

As I have Mentioned India is not Producing Enough IT professionals It is the best time to choose IT as your Career.It also has A lot of Scope in India because alot of Students, Youngsters are not Choosing IT as their Career Option.

Although It is very hard to be an IT students because many of Students Fail or We can say they Get a lot of “KT” in their First year,It makes IT Difficult and lot of Students does not Complete their Graduation too.

Because of New things Coming up in IT, students also have to keep themselves up to date.

There are Multiple Career Choices

Yes, There are Multiple Career Choices available in the Field of IT. You can choose Anything you want.There are lot of things available in The field of it.

As we all know, IT is connected to all the industries in the world. There are many options available in the Field of IT as well.

They include Technical writer, Programmer, Ethical Hacking, Web Development and more than 50 options are Available in the Field of IT.

Information Technology is also one of the best choosen option in Job Market.

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You Can also work from Home

Yes,You can Work from Home anytime. The work is something that everyone in India wants to do.Yet it is like Working from Home but sometimes it is also a Difficult task to do.

Digital Marketing,Ethical Hacking,Building apps and Website are one of the works that You can do from Home.

IT Also has Solid Income

Yes you can Earn a Living with Information Technology what matters is Knowledge.The more Knowledge you have the More you can Earn.

But when you start Working your Annual Package will be between 3.5 to 4 Lakhs.After 3 to 4 years it can grow upto 6-8 lakhs.

Experienced IT professionals Earn Annual Package of 10 lakh.Yes you hear Right. Knowledge is Everything that Matters the most.

Stay Tuned with me to know more about Hacking,Technology and Earning.


My Name is Aakash Thakur I am Student of SYJC.I am Expert at search Engine Optimization as well as in Social Media Optimization. I am also a Techiegig. You will get to know about Hacking as well as Technology in my Blogs.

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